Episode 20 – 10 October 2018

On this episode, Mel Cranenburgh discusses with Krissy Kneen her latest book, Wintering, a supernatural thriller set in a remote community in Tasmania. Krissy Kneen is the award-winning author of memoir—Affection—and fiction: An Uncertain Grace, Steeplechase, Triptych, The Adventures of Holly White and the Incredible Sex Machine, as well as the Thomas Shapcott Award-winning poetrycollection Eating My Grandmother. She has written and directed broadcast documentaries for SBS and ABC Television.

Mel is joined by Artistic Director of the The Digital Writers Festival, Izzy Roberts-Orr. The Digital Writers Festival is an online writers’ festival dedicated to celebrating the work of writers from Australia and across the world, and fostering new relationships through collaboration between writers, where ever they may be. It is a product of the Emerging Writers’ Festival, a not-for-profit organisation whose foundations are built on supporting emerging writers. The 2018 Digital Writers’ Festival runs from Tuesday 30 October – Saturday 3 November  http://2018.digitalwritersfestival.com/program/